King of Prussia Town Center – Shop, Dine, Work in King of Prussia PA


Shop & Services

Here at King of Prussia Town Center’s newest Verizon Wireless store, our focus and our drive are to take care of the customers. That’s what we feel our competitive advantage is — to make our stores feel welcoming to their neighborhoods and have customers who will be with us for many years getting themselves and their family’s phones!


We welcome our new friends in the neighborhood to stop by and have their questions, problems and concerns answered by our passionate, helpful, and energetic team members! We have FREE wireless training classes for our friends and neighbors from 5pm to 6pm on Sundays for those who would like to get some one-on-one support utilizing, setting up, and fully capitalizing on their wireless devices!


Feel free to stop by our location at 120 Village Drive, located between Mission BBQ and The Habit Burger Grill! Meet our cheerful, energetic staff and have your problems solved.